Situated in the garden near the Banyan tree, the garden bungalows can be used for single or double occupancy. They consist of a double futon mat, shelves, clothes rack, fan and a lamp. They have attached toilet and shower.


​Situated in the garden facing the beach, the yogi hut is the coziest single accommodation available. It consist of a single bed, clothes rack, shelves, fan and a lamp.

​Villa Giacomelli

Situated at the entrance of Taling Ngam village, about 10 min walk from the yoga centre, it offers beautiful colorful rooms in a peaceful garden, including a restaurant and café'. Please visit the villa on to see their choice of rooms.


​Delma Resort

​Situated on the opposite end of the bay, Delma resort is about 2-3 minutes walk along the beach from the yoga centre.

​The resort offers beautiful cottages including a bedroom, a sitting room, a kitchenette and a bathroom. 

​All cottages have their own private veranda.

​Please visit the resort on