Reviews of Marga Yoga

A short afternoon hanging out at Marga Yoga turned out to be the highlight of our KohSamui break.  In a private yoga session for two, Simona led us through gentle stretches and breathing exercises.  She shared effective tips on getting the best out of each pose and even showed us options so that we would always feel comfortable during the stretches.  We also enjoyed the Thai massage after the yoga, conducted by two cheerful ladies from the nearby village.  Our visit was rounded off by an intriguing and tasty candlelit dinner of raw and cooked vegan/vegetarian dishes prepared by Simona herself.  We left Marga Yoga knowing we had made friends (both human and furry!) and hugely looking forward to our return.
Sui &Teun (Malaysia)

Thank you so much for the great retreat; we felt at home the moment we arrived. The classes, both yoga and meditation were absolutely amazing; we arrived tired and stressed out and we left energized and refreshed, with a new positive look at life.
-Sarah & James-

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Coming to Marga Yoga has been one of the best choices of my trip.
Everything was just right; yoga classes, fantastic therapies, silent meditations, the amount of laughing and Om, the sweetest "doga" dog.
 Moments I will cherish for a long long time!
- Katie-

Simona, thank you so much for your efforts in trying to make me a flexible person. I know I need a lot of work to get where I want to be and your patience and constant encouraging when I was about to give up showed me that I need to be more flexible with my mind in order to achieve my goals. Your dedication to yoga and to your clients is fantastic and, even though I will continue the practice back home, I hope I will be able to come and spend some more time studying with you. Thank you again!

Once again, thank you for everything you gave to me during my time there- your yoga and meditation instruction, wisdom, listening ear, laughs, delicious food and wonderful hospitality- it was a very special two weeks for me and I am very grateful to you for who you are and what you are creating at Marga for many like me.....Im sure you will continue to create a place of healing, refuge and truth for many.

" My experience at Marga Yoga was beyond wonderful. The Inner Peace retreat included yoga, meditation, nature walks, and some of the best food I've had in my life (and all very healthy!). In addition to all of the activities and great meals, I can genuinely say the retreat gave me a whole new outlook on how I'm living my life. During the days Simona led talks on finding inner peace in relationships, at work, and at life's most difficult times. The combination of these talks, individualized attention with yoga and meditation (I'm a beginner with both), and a beautiful location made this an experience I will always be so grateful for".

Abbie - Boston- USA
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