Yoga is a system based on different techniques by which the body is kept healthy and strong and by which it is possible to prevent various ailments, as well as to facilitate healing.

  Illnesses are due to different reasons; from lack of exercise to wrong diet, poor sleep patterns, poisoning of the body with the intake of harmful substances, and also by having negative thoughts, mental disorders and anxiety. Yoga changes the mind patterns which lead to disease, therefore allowing a spontaneous healing of the body. Yoga brings health, balance, energy and peace of mind. The benefits of yoga have been demonstrated physically in the respiratory system by slowing down the respiratory rate; in the circulatory system by stabilizing the action of the heart and by reducing blood pressure; in the muscular system by increasing flexibility and improving posture; by regulating the action of the endocrine system and the digestive system. Yoga is also used as a supplementary therapy for a variety of diseases, as well as in rehabilitation centers to help with addictions. It is therefore a practice which affects each system of our body, as well as the mind.

Kriyas (cleansing techniques) Asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and proper diet are essential to keep the body and mind free from disease.

Balance and flexibility are the main benefits of yoga one can think of; balance is not intended only of the body but for the emotions too.

By practicing yoga one becomes more flexible; a flexible body relates to a flexible mind, as tension manifests in the body as pain, and in the mind as stress. This happens when the energy in our body does not flow freely; by practicing yoga one removes blocks in the flow of prana and the body becomes healthier. One's choices in diet will also change, switching to healthier options.


  Classes include pranayama techniques, asana and relaxation and they are of the duration of 90 minutes. These are open classes (Sivananda) and they are suitable to the majority of people.


A more dynamic flow of yoga poses interlinked with breath. Faster than a regular Hatha Yoga class, it involves movement and asana are held for shorter periods of time


Individual classes to learn how to deal with back pain, neck pain, digestive problems, headaches, etc in a natural way, using postures which stimulate the area of the body needing healing. Different  pranayama techniques are also explored.